Aeronav Academy is a well known and long established name in the aviation training industry in South Africa. At Aeronav we strive to provide our clients with safe, quality flight training, a fleet of well maintained modern aircraft, a ground school staffed with highly qualified lecturers and a team of dedicated staff who will always go the extra mile to ensure flight training is conducted seamlessly in a professional and friendly environment.

Based at Lanseria International Airport, just North of Johannesburg, gives our students the best of both worlds. Not only will you be training in a beautiful, scenic environment but you will also be training at one of the busiest airports in South Africa. The experience gained from learning to fly in an environment where you will be operating at a fully controlled airport amongst heavy commercial traffic and in controlled airspace not only gives our students access to a host of facilities which are not available at smaller less equipped airfields but also gives our students the confidence they will need to successfully transition to a career in aviation.

We are very proud to offer one of the most modern training fleets in South Africa. The aircraft on our fleet were carefully selected so that we can offer safe, efficient and cost effective training on aircraft that are not only of a high quality but that are also fun and enjoyable to fly. Our primary fleet consists of our basic trainer which is the Diamond DA20 Eclipse, the DA20 is an internationally utilised basic trainer and is statistically the safest single engine trainer in the world. All multi-engine training is done on the Diamond DA42 Twinstar. The Twinstar is a phenomenal aircraft more than capable of meeting all multi-engine training needs in comfort and in style. For those who prefer older generation training aircraft we also have the Cessna 172 and Cessna 182 available to compliment our training fleet of modern composite aircraft.

Aeronav Academy offers flight and ground school training for the Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License, Airline Transport Pilot License, Flight Instructor Rating, Multi-Engine Rating, Instrument Rating, Foreign Pilot License Conversions, Validations and hour building. Whether you choose to fly for pleasure or you wish to make a career as a pilot Aeronav can provide you with and approved course tailored to your specific needs.

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