Aeronav Academy is very proud to introduce our brand new Alsim ALX-65 Flight and Navigation Procedures Trainer (FNPT II).
In order to ensure absolute convenience to our students we have custom-built an extension to our existing offices in order to house the flight simulator at our premises at Lanseria International Airport. A comprehensive safety and security system, including biometric identification, has been installed to ensure our students are safe and secure during late night training sessions as the simulator facility is available 24/7 by prior booking.

The ALX-65 joins over 250 Alsim simulators in Europe, the USA, the Middle East and South Africa. The ALX incorporates four flight models from a basic single-engine aeroplane (similar in behaviour to a Cessna 172) to a light twin turboprop modelled on the well-know King Air 200. Both traditional "round dial" as well as full EFIS (Electronic Flight Information System) instrumentation can be chosen, with changing from one model or instrument display to another taking only a few minutes. Live Jeppesen databases are used in the GPS navigation system so users can train under real conditions. The simulator is fully LNAV, VNAV, RNAV and GNSS capable and is fully certified for multi-crew coordination (MCC) training and qualification. All of this along with the amazingly realistic graphics, control feel and response make training on this flight simulator a truly first class experience.

Aviation is making ever-greater use of simulation training devices to improve the safety of training while simultaneously reducing the cost and making training, particularly advanced training, more realistic. Aeronav Academy recognised the need for an advanced simulator and the choice came down to the Alsim ALX due to its versatility, strong customer support (including internet based linkage direct to the development and manufacturing experts in Nantes, France) and acceptance by leading aviation authorities such as the FAA and EASA.

Aeronav sees the acquisition of the ALX-65 as reinforcement of our commitment to providing top-level training utilising modern equipment. This not only gives our clients an enjoyable training experience but also gives us the ability to conduct flight training in a manner that ensures our pilots will be ready and well equipped to enter the aviation industry of the future.

  • Fully certified for GNSS & RNAV training on all flight models from single-engine to twin-turbine so you can train on an aircraft type you are familiar with.

  • Certified for TCAS initial and recurrent training.

  • Certified for MCC training and PNR certification.

  • The Alsim ALX-65 and the Diamond DA42 is the core equipment used in our accelerated multi-engine IFR upgrade course.



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