Once you have completed your PPL (Private Pilot Licence) the next step is to complete a Night Rating. With this additional rating on your licence you can start enjoying more freedom with your flying as you will no longer be bound to flying during daylight hours only, you may now take to the skies at night. Completing a night rating is not only the next logical step after completing a PPL but it will also further develop the skills already learnt during your PPL training which will improve your competency and safety as a pilot.

An applicant for a Night Rating must complete the following training under the supervision of an approved flight school:

  • 5 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction.
  • Must have passed the SACAA online Night Rating examination.
  • Must have completed not less than 10 hours instrument instruction of which 5 hours may be completed on an approved flight simulation training device (FSTD).
  • No less than 5 take-offs and landings at night under dual instruction.
  • Must have completed a dual cross-country flight at night consisting of at least 150nm with full-stop landings at two different aerodromes other than home base.
  • A night rating flight test conducted by an approved flight instructor or SACAA designated examiner.


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