Many foreigners choose to complete flight training in South Africa for a number of reasons. In some instances it is more cost effective than in their home countries and with South Africa’s all year round good weather and scenic landscape make it a great choice of country to do flight training in.

There are a number of requirements foreign students need to comply with in order to train with Aeronav Academy.

  1. Enrol: Firstly you will need to enrol with Aeronav Academy. This can be done by contacting us regarding the course you would like to complete. We will send you the necessary information regarding the cost and requirements of this course as well as an enrolment form and an indemnity form.
  2. Secure you spot: We require an R50 000.00 (ZAR) deposit upfront for all Private Pilot License and Commercial Pilot License courses.
  3. Obtain a student visa: Only once we have received the abovementioned deposit and completed enrolment & indemnity form we will we issue a letter of acceptance and visa letter in order for the student to obtain the necessary South African Student visa. Please note Visa requirements are different from country to country and it is the student’s responsibility to ensure all of the correct documents are submitted in order to obtain the required visa.
  4. Start Training: There are no specific intake dates, you may join Aeronav Academy at any time as all of our students are trained on a one on one basis and receive personalised training specific to their needs.

    For further information please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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