Completing a multi-engine rating is not only an excellent way to build experience but will give the aspiring professional pilot the edge over single-engine pilots when entering the job market.

All multi-engine training at Aeronav Academy is completed on the Diamond DA42 Twinstar. Its simplicity of operation, stability and safe handling characteristics make it an excellent aircraft more than capable of meeting your multi-engine training needs. The DA42 is a technically advanced aircraft with a composite airframe, diesel engines, glass cockpit and jet like controls which make it ideal preparation for an airline environment. The DA42 is designed for pilots who truly want to go places safely and in style.

The applicant for a class of type rating, in respect of a single-pilot multi-engine aeroplane must have:

  • At least 70 hours as PIC in an aeroplane.
  • Successfully completed appropriate training with an approved Aviation Training Organisation as prescribed in SA-CATS-61.
  • Passed all appropriate written examinations.
Passed the appropriate skills test. An applicant for a type rating or multi-engine class rating must demonstrate to a SACAA approved Designated Examiner that he is competent to perform all procedures and manoeuvres required as PIC of the aircraft concerned


In the case of training for a single-pilot multi-engine class rating, a single-engine CPL multi-engine upgrade or the applicant’s initial multi-engine type rating the training must consist of at least the following:

  • 7 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction (briefings) on multi-engine aeroplane operation.
  • 6 hours of dual flight training in multi-engine aeroplane operation. This must include not less than 2.5 hours dual flight training covering normal conditions and operations and at least 3.5 hours dual flight training in engine-failure procedures and asymmetric flight. A maximum of 3 hours may be completed in a FSTD approved for this purpose.
  • In the case where the applicant is the holder of a valid instrument rating on a different category or class of aircraft and wishes to have the instrument rating endorsed on their multi-engine rating the applicant must complete at least 5 hours of additional instrument training of which no more than 3 hours may be completed in a FSTD approved for this purpose.

Please note that Pilots operating in terms of parts 91, 94, 96, 121, 135 and 138, who are operating an aircraft which requires two or more pilots for the operation must undergo a multi-crew cooperation training course as detailed in SA-CATS-61.

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